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 Mónica Gallerani

Translation by Pilar Mèlich



Augusto Vels (Alfonso Augusto Velasco Andrea) was born in Puerto Lumbreras (Murcia) on the 28th February 1917. Graduated  in Psychology, he specialized in Deep Psychology, Characterology, Morphospychology,  Psychodiagnostic Test, Human Relationship, Work Psyhcology and Human Resources. All these subjects led him to deepen  in the Characterology and Graphology fields.


This late subject, to which he will dedicate the rest of his life, made him  become a master among the modern Spanish graphologists. In 1944 he published his work “Tratado de Grafología”, the first of a long list of extraordinary books related to Graphology.


The other titles are:


-              Lenguaje de la escritura (1949)

-              Escritura y personalidad (1961)

-              La selección de personal y el problema humano en las empresas (1970)

-              Diccionario de  Grafología (1972)

-              Manual de Grafoanálisis

-              Grafología estructural y Dinámica (1994)

-              Grafología de la “A” a la “Z” (2000)


During his long lasting and  prolific graphopsychologic career, Augusto Vels became correspondent and honorific member of several  national and international  graphologic associations; he collaborated, in the human resources field, with many important Spanish companies; he taught, as a professor, in different universities and private schools. There he started to use his own graphologic  method: the “Grafoanálisis”


But, what do we understand by “Grafoanálisis” ?

In his “Manual de Grafoanálisis”, Augusto Vels explains it this way: “ .... My persistence to separate Graphology of the many esoteric subjects with which it came mixing - still today a well-known publishing company announces it on television intermingled with “the divinatory” arts -, invited me  to change the michonian term  of Graphology into the one of “GRAFOANÁLISIS”.  If there is analysis in the observation method, if there are measures established from principles or modules, it already does not fit the magic, the divination, the sorceries, the prophecies and other divinatory arts. Therefore, with a method that objectively values the signs in agreement with statistically established modules, the “Grafoanálisis” can go into the Psychology field as a new branch more to be considered which, without any doubt, can offer important contributions....”


Thus, the “GRAFOANÁLISIS” consists in the study of the personality through the evaluation of graphics signs.  It uses the  percentages obtained from the punctuation from 1 to 10 of the graphic dominants and sub-dominants following the main graphic parameters: space order, dimension, pressure, form, speed, direction of lines, inclination of letters, cohesion, continuity and  type gestures. After scoring the percentages of the most important parameters, a profile is obtained of the:



 Predominant temperament (Hippocratic- Periot)

 Characterological combination (Heymanns-Le Senne)

 Psychic Funtion (Jung)

Attitude towards life.


The final scoring allows to obtain, in an objective and secure way, the psychological profile of the studied writer (Manual de Grafoanálisis, Augusto Vels).


The AGC – “Agrupación de Grafoanalístas Consultivos de España”


In 1984 Augusto Vels founded th “Agrupación de Grafoanalístas Consultivos de España”  (AGC), professional association which, from that moment, would guard the projection of Graphology in the work and academic worlds.


Nowadays, the AGC is a member of the ADEG (Association Deontológuique Européenne de Graphologues) association that ensures  the fullfilment of the correct use of Graphology  by means of  its Code of  Ethics. The AGC has reached  international recognition, and it has been situated among the most prestigious  and respected European graphologic associations.


Augusto Vels died in  2000 after leaving behind him  wide work  and great recognition in the Graphology field. At this moment the AGC, and its president Dr. Francisco Viñals Carrera and vice-president Dr. Mariluz Puente Balsells, follows the way that Prof. Augusto Vels started, keeping his work up to date with new research and the incorporation of Eric Berne’s  Transactional Analysis to Graphology.


Their books are:



Psicodiagnóstico de la escritura. Grafoanálisis Transaccional  (1999)

Pericia Caligráfica Judicial. Práctica, casos y modelos (2001)

     Análisis de Escritos y Documentos en los Servicios Secretos  (2003)

     Diccionario Jurídico Pericial del Documento Escrito. Documentoscópia, Grafísitica, Lingüística Forense.

     Grafología  Criminal


This article wants to be, in the AGC 25th anniversary, a simple and  humble honoring  to its founder and a recognition from us, the new graphologists, to a master. A man who, with his work and knowledge, is still a guide in this interesting journey that Graphology represents.

Agrupación de Grafoanalistas Consultivos de España.- asociación profesional de grafología miembro de pleno derecho de la ADEG


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